Social Commitment

Social Commitment – Beauty with Purpose

For us, it goes without saying that we give something back and use part of our income to help others. That is why we have been involved in several social projects for years. It is especially important to us that we support local initiatives and associations here in Hamburg.


We have been working closely with the Diakonie (a protestant social and welfare organisation) for several years. The employees of a diaconal sheltered workshop for the disabled, take care of the packaging for many of our products – whether it is packing the products in their folding boxes or packing parcels. The Diakonie does great work for people with disabilities and is committed to their inclusion in the workplace – including through integration companies or workshops. In this way, people with disabilities have a responsible task and are a huge help to us, which we would not want to do without.



We are committed to helping socially disadvantaged people and the homeless in Hamburg by supporting the Hamburg start-up recyclehero. The founders, Allessandro and Nadine, run a social collection service for used glass and waste paper, which provides socially and financially disadvantaged people with a secure job. Using sustainable e-bike cargo bikes, the employees transport recycling waste from A to B until they can return to their old jobs. Thanks to our financial support, a new cargo bike could be purchased. Recyclehero is also part of the project StraßenSUPPE, which distributes warm meals to homeless people in the city – also with the cargo bikes from recyclehero. We think this project is so great that we have contributed several thousand disinfectants in addition to financial support. A valuable resource, especially for people with difficult access to water or soap.

Help for the homeless

This is a matter close to our hearts to help the homeless. To this end, we work together with local organisations such as recyclehero or Leben im Abseits e.V., support fundraising campaigns or initiate campaigns ourselves. At the end of 2020, we distributed around 1,000 hot water bottles to Hamburg's homeless. These can be refilled with hot water at various contact points. 
In January 2021, as part of our "Light Up 2021" campaign, we distributed around 300 bags with torches, camping lanterns, batteries and snacks to the homeless. Many thanks to our partners Vidis and MaxPower, who provided us with the lights free of charge.

Hanseatic Help e. V.

Since we as a Hamburg company would primarily like to support local projects, Hanseatic Help e.V. is also one of our donation partners. Under the motto #einfachmachen the association provides and supports refugees and homeless people free of charge with clothing and articles of daily use, and also provides logistical support for other social organisations. To give needy people access to safe hand hygiene, we have donated 5,000 disinfectants to Hanseatic Help. We are pleased that Hanseatic Help will also be part of the planned hot water bottle donation campaign.

Hamburg packt's zusammen (Hamburg wraps it up!)

Hamburg packt's zusammen!" is a non-profit initiative in cooperation with Hanseatic Help e.V.. Committed companies from the Hamburg area have joined forces to help those people who have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. They have donated goods and materials. After one year, more than 42,000 bags have been distributed to Hamburg residents, therefore providing more than 80,000 people with donations in kind. Also included: 4,000 pieces of the DAYTOX disinfectant, which facilitates sufficient hand hygiene in times of the pandemic. Photo: Julia Schwendner.


Vier Pfoten (Four Paws)

As a vegan brand, animal welfare is particularly close to our heart. That is why we support the global animal welfare organisation Vier Pfoten (Four Paws), which stands up for animals in need and fights tirelessly for a world in which all animals in the world are treated with respect and compassion. To support the organisation in its projects, we have donated a generous sum this year. In addition, we started a campaign on World Animal Day on 4 October 2020 and donated one euro to Vier Pfoten for each order.