Sustainability – We Care for the Planet

At DAYTOX we want our products to be as good for our environment as possible. Because we want to leave the world a little better than we found it. That is why we tell you here about the aspects where we do not compromise. We are following this path with full conviction. Are you coming along?

Carbon Neutrality

Our company L.A.B. Cosmetics has been climate neutral since 2021. This means that we balance the CO2 emissions according to the standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and compensate them with Gold Standard certified international climate protection projects. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions in this way, we are making a contribution to an environment worth living in. In addition, we are working to further reduce our CO2 emissions along the entire production chain.



We have deliberately opted for environmentally friendly packaging made of glass and easily recyclable materials. Our glass jars and bottles are durable, robust and can be reused after being emptied. In addition, we do not use "bluff packages". This means that our packaging is produced as efficiently and as compact as possible. So, we do not try to make the packaging look bigger than the contents really are. We do this because we want to be transparent, but also to save resources and space during transport and on the shelf.

Made in Germany

Short supply chains and transport routes are very important to us. Therefore, almost all of our packaging and products are produced here in Germany. Our suppliers and partners are always selected according to ethical criteria. Local production has several major advantages: through short transport routes we save CO2 emissions and thus contribute to the protection of our environment. At the same time, jobs are secured here in Germany.

The home of DAYTOX is Hamburg. From here we coordinate the entire production and develop exciting new product ideas.


Our Team

We want our team to feel great. That is why an open and welcoming corporate culture is particularly important to us. Through healthy nutrition, group lunch breaks and regular yoga sessions together, we create an environment full of open-mindedness, mindfulness and compassion for each other. Everyone should feel comfortable and find a good balance in their everyday work. This balance is the basis for the sustainable and long-term success of our company.