Principles of DAYTOX

Free from additives

We do not use silicones, parabens or synthetic colours. Our perfume oils are 100% allergen-free.

Vegan certified ingredients

We avoid ingredients of animal origin and use only vegan certified ingredients. We strongly believe in informing our customers about the origin of a product and how it is manufactured.

Beauty and healthy

Effective ingredients such as detoxifying substances, medicinal plants and precious oils stimulate the detoxification process. Besides the health-based approach antioxidative substances also boost beauty. Beauty is not just a side-effect, it comes from the inside. DAYTOX is not just about feeling better – it is also about looking young and beautiful.

Your daily companion

So much to do, so little time. Finding the time to focus on your body and its health is not easy. That is why our products are designed to fit easily into your daily routine while being affordable at the same time. Beauty and a healthy look is not a privilege for the rich and famous. We have developed a weekly plan to inspire you.

Production and logistic

The more miles a product travels, the greater the impact on the environment. We aim to keep the distances travelled as short as possible by manufacturing entirely in Germany and sourcing our packaging in €pe. We do not just put quality and sustainability to high priority – they are the foundation of everything we do.