Skin type: combination skin

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How to recognize combination skin

It is typical of combination skin that some parts show symptoms of dry skin and other parts show symptoms of oily skin. Most often, the forehead, nose and chin (i.e. the T-zone) are shiny and oily, possibly even blemished, while the cheeks are dry, dull and scaly at the same time.

By the way: This apparently contradictory skin type is not that rare!


Like oily or dry skin, combination skin is mostly genetic. Combination skin has more sebaceous glands in the T-zone, which produce more sebum than the skin needs to protect the skin barrier. The excess sebum causes the skin to become shiny and may even clog pores. Then there are blackheads and impurities in the affected areas.

In the cheek area, combination skin has correspondingly fewer sebaceous glands, so the skin has too little sebum (skin fat) to protect the skin barrier. The skin dries out, tightens and flakes.

But there are also other factors that can lead to combination skin, e.g. hormones, stress, diet or the wrong care. In this case you bring about the dry or oily parts yourself. Overly harsh or aggressive care products can dry out areas of the face while boosting oil production in other areas.

It is also assumed that the hormonal balance influences the production of sebum. For example, during puberty, after stopping the pill or just before menstruation, oily and impure skin areas on the face are more common.

what your skin needs


For slightly pronounced combination skin, we recommend caring for the face with a moisturizing serum such as the Hyaluron Serum and then a light day cream, e.g. with the Daily Hydration. Both products provide intensive moisture without overgreasing the oily T-zone. If you add too much fat to the oily zones, the pores will clog and impurities will appear.

Regulate sebum production

In order to balance combination skin, it is important to balance sebum production. The niacinamide serum with 8% niacinamide and 1% zinc helps with this. If the sebum production is in balance again, the pores become less clogged and impurities cannot develop in the first place.

Targeted care

If you suffer from very pronounced combination skin, we recommend different products for the different parts of your face. In the T-zone, the Clear Skin Serum moisturizes and with 2% salicylic acid ensures that the pores are cleaned and impurities are reduced. You give the cheek area high-dose care with the Hyaluronic Serum, the Retinol Serum or the Vitamin C Serum.

trap moisture

Then you nourish the area with a light face cream like the Daily Hydration. This locks the moisture and the active ingredients of the serum in the skin and helps to keep them in the skin for a long time.