Skincare Routine for sensitive skin

Does your skin tend to be red and itchy and/or do you not tolerate many products? Then the care routine for sensitive skin is the right one for you! This mild, moisturizing routine intensively nourishes your skin without irritating it. For relaxed and silky soft skin!

Step 1: Gentle Oil Cleanser

Our mild Gentle Oil Cleanser gently removes sebum and dirt from your skin without disturbing the skin's natural acid mantle.

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Step 2: Facial Tonic

The gentle, alcohol-free Facial Tonic removes the last residue of dirt from your face, adjusts the pH value of your skin and brings it back into balance. The subsequent care can be better absorbed and develop its full effect.

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Step 3: Hyaluron Serum

Our fragrance-free Hyaluron Serum provides your skin with plenty of moisture and helps it to store it for a long time. For a plump, fresh complexion!

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Step 4: Cell Repair

Cell Repair cream with hyaluronic acid and valuable oils stimulates cell renewal for a wrinkle-free glow.

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