Skin condition: Blemished skin

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Impure skin is an unpleasant skin condition that is manifested by bumps on the skin. These include blackheads, pimples and redness or inflammation. Another sign of impure skin is increased sebum production. If your skin looks too oily and shiny, it can be a sign of blemish-prone skin. An uneven skin structure or enlarged pores can also be signs of impure skin.

Digression: blemished skin vs. acne

Blemished skin and acne have similar symptoms, but there are significant differences in the severity of the lesions and treatment options. Acne is a more serious form of blemished skin where inflammation is present. There are often large pimples that can be inflamed or swollen and painful. In most cases, a doctor must be consulted to treat acne-related problems. 


The causes of skin blemishes are diverse and can vary from person to person. Often it is a combination of different factors. 

Hormonal imbalance: The most common causes of impure skin are hormonal changes, especially during puberty, but also during the menstrual cycle or during menopause. But stress can also disturb the hormonal balance in our body and lead to inflammation and irritation of the skin. Among other things, the changes in hormonal balance mean that more sebum is produced, which can lead to clogged pores and acne. 

Excessive sebum production: Our body normally produces a certain amount of sebum to protect our skin from external aggressions. However, when too much sebum is produced, it can build up in the pores and eventually lead to inflammation and acne formation. 

Unhealthy diet: Especially sweets and fast food are extremely harmful to the health of our skin. 

Unsuitable care products: Many people use products that are not tailored to their skin type or skin condition. This can lead to irritation and inflammation.

Improper cleaning: It's very important to clean your face regularly - but not too often! Poor hygiene and cleaning agents that are too aggressive can lead to skin impurities. 

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what your skin needs

Thorough facial cleansing

Keep your skin clean and flawless by deep cleansing daily. Gentle cleansing is possible with a mild cleansing foam that gently cleanses and removes excess sebum. Our Cleansing Foam leaves your skin refreshed and clarified for an improved complexion. This keeps your skin in balance and at the same time frees it from dirt, sebum and make-up. 

Anti-blemish agents

Impure skin requires special care that is tailored to its needs. The use of active ingredients such as niacinamide or salicylic acid (BHA) in skin care aims to reduce impurities in the skin while soothing and caring for it. Our Clear Skin Serum with 2% salicylic acid removes dead skin cells and thus ensures a clear, matt complexion. Our Niacinamide Serum is great for balancing your sebum production. They can be gradually integrated into your daily routine. 

Healthy lifestyle

Eating healthy has a major impact on skin health. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables increases the amount of vitamin A in your diet and helps reduce inflammation in the skin. Avoiding sweets or foods with a high glycemic index can also have a positive effect. It is equally important that you reduce your stress level and get enough sleep.