Skincare Routine for mature skin

This pampering routine is great for treating signs of aging like fine lines and dark spots. The combination of valuable oils, retinol and hyaluronic acid ensures a velvety soft skin feeling and a firm, radiant complexion!

Step 1: Gentle Oil Cleanser

The mild Gentle Oil Cleanser gently removes sebum and dirt from your skin without disturbing the skin's natural protective acid layer.

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Step 2: Facial Tonic

The gentle, alcohol-free Facial Tonic removes the last residue of dirt from your face, adjusts the pH value of your skin and brings it back into balance. The subsequent care can be better absorbed and develop its full effect.

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Step 3: Retinol Serum

The Retinol Serum is a real all-rounder: it supports collagen production, smoothes the skin and ensures a clean, even complexion. Alternative: Our Vitamin C Serum.

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Step 4: Eye Wonder

Our firming Eye Serum instantly brightens your eye area. Formulated with short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid, it smoothes the skin and instantly makes your eye area look fresher and more awake.

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Step 5: Hyaluron Cream SPF20

The rich Hyaluron Cream SPF20 cares for the skin intensively and at the same time protects it from UV-A and UV-B radiation with SPF20. A real must-have, because daily sun protection is the best strategy to prevent premature skin aging.

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