Skin type: normal skin

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How to recognize normal skin

Normal skin is generally understood to mean a balanced complexion. The skin is characterized by a smooth, even structure with fine pores. It produces the right amount of sebum and has enough moisture. The skin looks healthy and is easy to clean and care for. But even normal skin needs attention to keep it healthy and glowing.

what your skin needs

Mild cleansing

Clean your face with lukewarm water in the morning and use a mild cleansing oil, e.g. B. our Gentle Oil Cleanser to rid your skin of dirt, make-up and sunscreen.


Care for your skin with a moisturizing serum such as the Hyaluron Serum and then a light day cream, e.g. B. with the daily hydration.

protect the skin

Support your skin early with UV protection and antioxidants. Antioxidants help to repair and prevent further damage caused by environmental influences. They also strengthen the skin's protective barrier. The Vitamin C Serum, the Vitamin C Cream or the Hyaluron Cream LSF20 will help you.