Skin condition: Sensitive skin

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How to recognize sensitive skin

It's tight, itchy, the skin is red: Sensitive skin is a skin condition that's affecting more and more people. According to Dermatest, around 10-20% of all people tend to have sensitive skin. The symptoms include redness, dandruff, itching and burning and tightness. Rashes with pustules, papules or swelling can also quickly occur on sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin reacts very quickly and often very strongly to external stimuli and environmental influences. These include, for example, cold, heat, allergens, irritating active ingredients in cosmetics, solar radiation or environmental pollution. For example, redness and a burning sensation occur after a hot bath or the use of overly aggressive facial cleansers. People with sensitive skin tend to have lighter skin that is prone to sunburn.

Digression: skin type vs. skin condition

By the way: Sensitive skin is not a skin type, but a skin condition that can affect people with very different skin types. Although sensitive skin is often associated with dry skin, it can also occur with oily or combination skin.


With sensitive skin, both hereditary predisposition and external influences come together. The current state of research is that sensitive skin can be caused by a hereditary predisposition. But external influences such as incorrect care, dry heating air, temperature, nutrition or stress can also trigger symptoms.

Skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, couperose psoriasis or rosacea can also be the cause of excessive sensitivity and irritation.

Sensitive skin often shows dryness and a lower ability to retain water. The skin barrier is disturbed and cannot store moisture well enough in the skin. The protective film of sebum (sebum) is missing or too thin, allowing moisture to evaporate. The damaged skin barrier is more vulnerable to harmful environmental influences such as heat, sun or harsh cosmetics - and reacts to them with irritation, redness, burning or itching. Free radicals and other toxic substances from the environment can also penetrate the damaged skin more easily, which can lead to cell damage in the skin. The barrier is weakened even more and the skin dries out.

Even people with healthy skin can develop sensitive skin over time, e.g. through improper care. For example, many people are allergic to preservatives such as parabens or allergenic fragrances such as limonene or citronellol, which are contained in many cosmetics. Once a contact allergy has developed, the triggering active ingredient usually has to be avoided for a long period of time (or even forever), otherwise irritation, redness or even rashes can occur again and again.

what your skin needs

Mild cleansing

The facial cleansing should be particularly mild - without harsh and drying surfactants. Our DAYTOX Cleansing Foam, for example, is ideally suited. You should avoid intensive rubbing, as well as cleaning brushes - these irritate your skin additionally. Gently spread your cleanser with your hands and rinse with lukewarm (not too hot!) water. You can dry your face with a soft cloth, but you should also avoid rubbing and rubbing, just dab your face gently. Afterwards, a mild tonic brings your skin back into balance. Our DAYTOX Facial Tonic is very gentle and also soothes the skin with panthenol. A gentle peeling, e.g. our DAYTOX enzyme peeling, is well tolerated and can be used 1-2 times a week without any problems.


Sensitive skin also benefits greatly from antioxidants, because the disturbed barrier function of the skin means that free radicals have an easy time and can penetrate the skin better. Antioxidants render these free radicals harmless and thus prevent cell damage and premature skin aging. Our DAYTOX Vitamin C Serum or our DAYTOX Retinol Serum are full of antioxidants that not only make your complexion shine, but also effectively protect your skin's protective barrier. In addition, all DAYTOX products contain the antioxidant active ingredient complex made from aloe vera, citrus and broccoli, which offers sensitive skin additional protection against harmful environmental influences.

moisture and protection

Hyaluron is THE thirst quencher for dehydrated skin and at the same time very well tolerated. Our DAYTOX Hyaluronic Serum is ideal for sensitive skin because it is mildly formulated and does not contain any fragrances. The short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid provides intensive moisture. A light day cream such as DAYTOX Daily Hydration then seals it by laying a protective layer on the skin and enclosing the active ingredients of the serum and cream in the skin. The disturbed skin protection barrier is strengthened and protected.